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袠胁邪薪 小褌褉械谢械褑泻懈泄
袠胁邪薪 小褌褉械谢械褑泻懈泄 2 h贸napja
孝蝎 袧袝 袩袪袨袡袛衼衼衼楔鞋 !!!
Floin8 2 h贸napja
3:49 either its a foam hand or its someone in serious strife
Blood Dragon
Blood Dragon 2 h贸napja
2:08 where can I find this video
Scooter kid
Scooter kid 2 h贸napja
Khizer Usman
Khizer Usman 2 h贸napja
Nice video but your Ade backgronud music send me
Rama Firdaus
Rama Firdaus 2 h贸napja
2:33 powered by rotary
Rama Firdaus
Rama Firdaus 2 h贸napja
1:27 I hope heavy metal music played in the background
_-銈广儶銉с儙 2 h贸napja
Antonio Graham
Antonio Graham 2 h贸napja
Where can I find 1:01
Sinjiro nagasaki Nagasaki
Sinjiro nagasaki Nagasaki 2 h贸napja
Like por el hombre pollo
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto 2 h贸napja
I shit laughing at minute 2.6
DK 2 h贸napja
Shut up PETER馃槨馃槨馃槨
Gusstz 2 h贸napja
3:39 what song?
ANIVA JIMBO 2 h贸napja
eurythmics - sweet dreams
Danish Gaming
Danish Gaming 2 h贸napja
Im always wanna buy the meme hoodie but di you have the small size
Ayyubi Kinzawa
Ayyubi Kinzawa 2 h贸napja
What song in 02:07
Ayyubi Kinzawa
Ayyubi Kinzawa 2 h贸napja
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto 2 h贸napja
Drag茫o RP DC
Drag茫o RP DC 2 h贸napja
If you give alcool to a rat, he die Because rats dont fart
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 2 h贸napja
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 2 h贸napja
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto 2 h贸napja
銆娻笀喙堗覆_ VELIKAN銆媅THAI]
銆娻笀喙堗覆_ VELIKAN銆媅THAI] 2 h贸napja
0:00 Au sit
MPH HANYT 2 h贸napja
What is the music for 2:11
MPH HANYT 2 h贸napja
The guy eating chilly
N Mcknight
N Mcknight 2 h贸napja
2:51 bruh to be able to time it that good takes skill
F3L1X M1DN1GHT 2 h贸napja
Nice thumb...
Albric Dean
Albric Dean 2 h贸napja
2:08 what the music
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto
Oscar Jhoany Gonzalez Monteto 2 h贸napja
Sotomi :: paint
Sotomi :: paint 2 h贸napja
3.46 who have a credit?
Omar Torres
Omar Torres 2 h贸napja
Anyone knoes the ending song?
Carl Gaming
Carl Gaming 2 h贸napja
0:33 I think I had that wallpaper Try pause it the wolf galaxy
DJ GAMER 2 h贸napja
1:29 this is normal for them
JEFF PH 2 h贸napja
2:10 what is the title of that memd
Ve_Le 2 h贸napja
1:44 Autobots, roleout
lyndon denielle urmatan03
lyndon denielle urmatan03 2 h贸napja
Is so funny haha馃槀馃槀
Koksu3234 2 h贸napja
2:32 pls link to orginal XDD
R'lyehian 3 h贸napja
Can we just talk about the thumbnail? Like what is it?
black spider_HD
black spider_HD 3 h贸napja
Lets get the video to 20k likes and dislikes so it shows what 2020 is about
Angel Arellano
Angel Arellano 3 h贸napja
I could sing my abc for you I will give you this A because your awesome I will give you this B because your buitifull I will give you this C because your confident And I will give you this D because you deserve it
Elix Usuga
Elix Usuga 3 h贸napja
este canal sera eliminado el 2021
COD Republic
COD Republic 3 h贸napja
0:50 pirates of the carribean episode 7 is coming :D
Mine Guy
Mine Guy 2 h贸napja
That has to be the best pirate I have ever seen So it would seem
Marie Javier
Marie Javier 3 h贸napja
OFF ON 3 h贸napja
02:05 song?
: 3
: 3 3 h贸napja
what is the song of minute 2:07
CKDC Studios
CKDC Studios 3 h贸napja
Kinda late but... hupost.info/chat/rX6X1m-Ona-AYs4/vide
Recko Ajinomoto
Recko Ajinomoto 3 h贸napja
The first video is so dark
銈碊irtyDeedsDoneDoggoCheep銈 3 h贸napja
I came for the thumbnail
Aerothick 3 h贸napja
1:26 was so much better with music. I can't find it..
C峄沺 Ng脿i
C峄沺 Ng脿i 3 h贸napja
3:39 what is song
Luciano Lima
Luciano Lima 3 h贸napja
Sweet Dreams
V螞D螢D 3 h贸napja
Omgg the first one so saddd 馃槀馃槀馃槀
MangoJuice XD
MangoJuice XD H贸napja
It stupid how dumb she is Pretending her leg hurt but still able to walk infront of her dad. I'm sorry that i don't see anything funny about it. More to disappointed clip she's ever posted. You guys can r/whoosh me after reading this comment if you disagree with it.
Seikatsu鐢熸椿 3 h贸napja
0:18 I said this to my crush in messenger and guess what I got blocked
Seikatsu鐢熸椿 2 h贸napja
@Paul thx
Paul 2 h贸napja
@Seikatsu鐢熸椿 at least you tried, king
-Frosty Fire-
-Frosty Fire- 2 h贸napja
r for respect
Seikatsu鐢熸椿 3 h贸napja
I guess this is the reason why they call me the class clown
pri :3
pri :3 3 h贸napja
What else do you think would have happened? 馃槀 Lol
携褉芯褋谢邪胁 袟邪屑械褌邪谢懈薪
携褉芯褋谢邪胁 袟邪屑械褌邪谢懈薪 3 h贸napja
2:42 薪邪褕懈 屑械屑褘 芯写芯斜褉褟褞
LitePost_ YT
LitePost_ YT 2 h贸napja
孝邪泻 写芯谢谐芯 褌械斜褟 懈褋泻邪谢!!
Abhilash Gupta
Abhilash Gupta 3 h贸napja
You dont deliver in india
Joe Joestar
Joe Joestar 3 h贸napja
I need the og vid for the one with narrator
Astronaut 3 h贸napja
2:12 thumbnail
The Universe
The Universe 3 h贸napja
*not funny did not laugh*
Mr. Gas
Mr. Gas 3 h贸napja
2:38 what the name song? Please馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩
Mr. Gas
Mr. Gas 3 h贸napja
Golden Blayderz
Golden Blayderz 3 h贸napja
Sweet dreams
The Gamer 銉 銈层兗
The Gamer 銉 銈层兗 3 h贸napja
That is best understood in Spanish... You had to put it in spanish 0:18
adkinsy85 3 h贸napja
Daniel Rae
Daniel Rae 3 h贸napja
Song from 1:55?
Franz Juniro
Franz Juniro 3 h贸napja
0:20 its the cool one
FBI loli SWAT 3 h贸napja
0:32 None of the music please
Mark Blacksmith
Mark Blacksmith 3 h贸napja
2:33 I didn't see that coming. 馃槀
ghostbanni 3 h贸napja
Okey the last one made me lightheaded 馃槀馃槀
sevllo travelling
sevllo travelling 3 h贸napja
3:30 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Akmal Hafiz
Akmal Hafiz 3 h贸napja
Can i get the sauce for the thumbnail
CL Gaming
CL Gaming 3 h贸napja
Hi Stranger
Hi Stranger 3 h贸napja
dont buy the merch youll automatically become the biggest loser on earth
Maricel Montejo
Maricel Montejo 3 h贸napja
Hahhahahahah thanks for making thid video馃槀
oon 3 h贸napja
0:28 song???
Oc Guys
Oc Guys 3 h贸napja
warm thoughts axiom
Mil Mi-24 Hind
Mil Mi-24 Hind 3 h贸napja
That thumbnail was very questionable
Sebastian K
Sebastian K 3 h贸napja
Where i find the last video original?
Cheese Ball 5432
Cheese Ball 5432 3 h贸napja
These are coolio broski
Toilet FX
Toilet FX 3 h贸napja
Holy fuck that last clip just let my mouth wide open for a solid minute xD
The bizarre Guy try where a pot
The bizarre Guy try where a pot 3 h贸napja
2:09 music plz?
dan garber
dan garber 2 h贸napja
@Luciano Lima i was so scared to click on the link
Luciano Lima
Luciano Lima 3 h贸napja
Can K谋van莽 脰zdemir
Can K谋van莽 脰zdemir 3 h贸napja
2:11 where do I find that clip馃槀
MPH HANYT 2 h贸napja
What鈥檚 the music
Cluedo yeah.
Cluedo yeah. 3 h贸napja
Second that!
Bob the chunky chicken
Bob the chunky chicken 3 h贸napja
2:36 danm that shits amazing
Sacro_End_Gate_01- 7
Sacro_End_Gate_01- 7 3 h贸napja
2:13 That鈥檚 real music
-LoliWtf- 3 h贸napja
Yeah lmao
斜械褉褋械褉泻 3 h贸napja
Evangelista Steopic
Evangelista Steopic 3 h贸napja
Best thirty seconds of my life so far
Creepy Skeletons
Creepy Skeletons 3 h贸napja
1:34 Song: Still Loving You by the Scorpions Original from the album: The Mercury Years
Aleksander W
Aleksander W 3 h贸napja
The first is not funny
Check the description of the Video
Check the description of the Video 3 h贸napja
漏锔 strikes
MaD FoX 3 h贸napja
2:06 can someone tell me the music name please?
Sad Penguin
Sad Penguin 3 h贸napja
Dude what your outro song called
max wolf
max wolf 3 h贸napja
0:50 lol 馃槀 馃挧鉀堬笍
Rei 618
Rei 618 3 h贸napja
Why u all meme channels always selling those same fugly merch ?
Anonimowy Anonim
Anonimowy Anonim 3 h贸napja
3:24 xd
爻讴乇鬲 乇賵蹖丕賱
爻讴乇鬲 乇賵蹖丕賱 3 h贸napja
3:39 name of the soung please
yameii 3 h贸napja
sweet dreams (are made of this)
S C 3 h贸napja
Where is the gt videos
Semih eren Bulur
Semih eren Bulur 3 h贸napja
2:06 XD XD XD XD
Fajrul Falah
Fajrul Falah 3 h贸napja
@Sem Middelkoop thanks dude
Sem Middelkoop
Sem Middelkoop 3 h贸napja
Fajrul kathy鈥檚 waltz remix
Fajrul Falah
Fajrul Falah 3 h贸napja
Do u know that song ?
-KoT -
-KoT - 3 h贸napja
Why u change the name of the Chanel
L茫 Minh T芒n
L茫 Minh T芒n 3 h贸napja
Haha so funny haha
Im RizRiz
Im RizRiz 3 h贸napja
Are You Brother Of PeterW?
yucky wucky
yucky wucky 3 h贸napja
the last part made me scream
Chinmeng Yang
Chinmeng Yang 3 h贸napja
Where is the video I can find? 2:09
Micah Ghiggioli
Micah Ghiggioli 3 h贸napja
what was the song during the merch plug?
SuperMutenRoshi 3 h贸napja
2:39 gametwo 馃ぃ den Clip Feier ich sowieso hart馃槄
: Arniteur :
: Arniteur : 3 h贸napja
the clip of the man dancing? 2:11
Luciano Lima
Luciano Lima 3 h贸napja
@fabricio alcantara hupost.info/chat/j6B5mImEncNuoqw/vide
Lennyverse 3 h贸napja
Don't know, but i think its just an animation
MortyNorway 3 h贸napja
What is the song at 2:13?
like my Lobby pls
like my Lobby pls 3 h贸napja
I bought the Senpai Merch :D Nice Video:3
Vlad Butcovan
Vlad Butcovan 3 h贸napja
Your videos are so cool but to short
mokey jeff
mokey jeff 3 h贸napja
2:10 song plz
mokey jeff
mokey jeff 3 h贸napja
@Antonius Hade ty very much
Antonius Hade
Antonius Hade 3 h贸napja
Kathy Waltz
Saeksan Evans
Saeksan Evans 3 h贸napja
4:01 what song is that?
yameii 3 h贸napja
six feet under, Jerry folk remix
AufDenZweitenBlick 3 h贸napja
2:36 Game Two/Rocket Beans: the best German TV show, from Mecklenburg to Mexico 馃槀馃憣馃徑
Camin Herrera Navarro
Camin Herrera Navarro 2 h贸napja
@LeondaGarbo No. We are better at growing weed and killing eachother.
LeondaGarbo 3 h贸napja
Beans around the world 馃槉馃憤